Star Wars: Pirates of The Kaaro System

Current events! (recap of 2/14's session)
Just to keep people up to speed

Here’s what happened last time!

We tried to save- made plans with some headway in saving Alfaro’s own Dr. Midman from Lonus. After a successful test I might add, of my Cholerol drug on some people from Kuari pilots, some things happen and we managed to snag an IFF module from one of their ships, which should give us some temporary clout to those snobby deep space radars.

You guys also took a job for the Kalykh Liberation Front by way of Jak sub-contracting you (neat?). I didn’t see most of it, but I heard a bunch of shooting and an explosion, so it kind of sounds boring. I’m not sure what all happened, but I’m glad we brought back Mr. -er, captain(?) Lakau Shin on board for testing!

Wait, surgery? So, no testing? Fine.

Aaanywhosle, everyone gets 5xp, even non-participants, for the bar incident. Valuable life lessons pay off!

DRKR out!


Last time we went out, we did a few jobs! Hurray!

Rook learned about some bounties, including a mysterious shipjacker

We did some jobs for the Tarks, and met the Tin men, who seemed nice, as well as some work with one Jak Prexo, giving us some much needed money for my experiments!

Wait, ship parts? That’s boring…

Also, the usual 5 xp to all members

New Data Available!

Ship data is now available! Hurray for Woz for finding the Diagnostic settings!

and me!


System chart Reference
Hope this works

Kaaro System Listing

I found the Map function! No need to thank me


Technical error
(Regarding the wiki)

Hmmm… Links don’t seem to be working right now. Maybe if I carry the 5? No problem. I’ll get them up and running soon!


Anatomy fact #1

Did you know the average Ugnaught can survive on human blood, but not the other way around? Hmm, maybe they should have used two…

We're up and running!
I'm Guessing this is news

KR here, trying to figure out the ships log. Dr. Cuddow Never let me touch the systems, but there’s no password on this terminal! Well, I knew the password for Dr. Cuddow’s Diary (Vikky), but it seemed rude to use it when I wasn’t supposed to be looking over his shoulder. Anywhooo, I’ve never figured out how to lock thi- Made it public so that any of the Alfaro employees under contract can access it! Lucky us! I shall try my best to keep the crew updated on new faces, potential jobs, and other interesting facts!

KR-316r Signing off!

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