Star Wars: Pirates of The Kaaro System

Current events! (recap of 2/14's session)

Just to keep people up to speed

Here’s what happened last time!

We tried to save- made plans with some headway in saving Alfaro’s own Dr. Midman from Lonus. After a successful test I might add, of my Cholerol drug on some people from Kuari pilots, some things happen and we managed to snag an IFF module from one of their ships, which should give us some temporary clout to those snobby deep space radars.

You guys also took a job for the Kalykh Liberation Front by way of Jak sub-contracting you (neat?). I didn’t see most of it, but I heard a bunch of shooting and an explosion, so it kind of sounds boring. I’m not sure what all happened, but I’m glad we brought back Mr. -er, captain(?) Lakau Shin on board for testing!

Wait, surgery? So, no testing? Fine.

Aaanywhosle, everyone gets 5xp, even non-participants, for the bar incident. Valuable life lessons pay off!

DRKR out!


Machali Machali

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