Factions of Kaaros

Various Kaaro-based factions

Based in Kalyk:
Kalykh Liberation front: or Liberation army, or the Kalykh Resistance. Openly Dissents against the Daal Family and their agenda.
The Sorens: a group of raiders and sapient traffickers
Asho Clan: the Entertainment industry in Kalykh. Runs Gambling and other interests in victory.
The Tarks: gun runners and weapon riggers. Mostly works in refurbished CIS gear
Junker’s Union: a group of salvagers and junk dealers working from victory

Based in Onahu:
Daal Family : major economic and criminal organization that pushes Onahu’s economy.
Sojun Essentials: maintains Daal’s water monopoly for the system.
Kuari Shipping: handles courier duties for Daal affiliates.
Lech-Kells Security: a ruthless PMC force mainly focused on guarding Daal assets.

The Tin Men: a mercenary/activist group comprised mostly of Droids and cyborg sapients. Working to make themselves into an independent entity.

Factions of Kaaros

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