Ships Manifest

Weapons and Hardpoints

  • Light Ion Cannon on ventral turret mount

Weapon’s Locker

  • Personal Weapons
  • Spare Blaster Pistol (filed front sight)

Survival Gear

  • Used Spacesuits x4
  • Crash Survival Kit

Medical Supplies

  • Assorted Medical Tools (maybe counts as Medkit, but can’t be used quickly due to disorganization?)

Food Stores

  • Ship’s Rations (1 month stock?)
  • Scavenged Alfaro Shuttle Food Stock

Fuel Reserves

  • “Keep it topped up, even if it means we miss a meal.” -Woz

Spare Parts

  • “I cobbled together a new motivator out of a broken vibroblade and the droid’s old leg. That’s about it.” -Kalesh

Ships Manifest

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